Thursday, January 11, 2018


  1. Something "changed the course of history." Look, unless you're a time traveler, you can't possibly know what the "course of history" was SUPPOSED to be. It's just history, even when it's startling or seemingly bonkers.
  2. The "foreseeable future." Unless you're clairvoyant, there is no such thing as a "foreseeable future." I don't care how good your models are.
  3. The "dark side of the Moon." You can tell where the dark side of the Moon is by looking at its phases. It's not the same thing as "the far side of the Moon." The dark side changes. The far side remains mostly constant, though slight inconsistencies between the Moon's rotation and Earth's mean that we see a little bit of the Moon's far side, on either side, depending on the day and time. The far side is not permanently dark. The dark side is not permanent.
  4. It's "vocal cords," not "vocal chords," as weirdly appropriate as the latter may seem.
  5. It's Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman and Iron Man but it's Spider-man. Yeah, I don't know why Spidey gets a hyphen when most superheroes don't. Maybe because he's so amazing.

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