Monday, February 22, 2016

Alan Moore's The Completist

Alan Moore's Magic Words: adapted by Art Brooks, Fred Torres, Ailantd, Sergio Bleda, and Juan Jose Ryp (2002): Interesting collection of adaptations of short Alan Moore prose pieces and poems by a variety of European comics artists. Really for Moore completists more than anyone, but I enjoyed it. Recommended.

Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance: adapted by Antony Johnston and Juan Jose Ryp (2003): Comics adaptations of three Alan Moore performance pieces, ably translated into comics form by writer Antony Johnston and artist Juan Jose Ryp. I have absolutely no idea how these were staged because they seem unstageable except as spoken-word pieces. Recommended.

Alan Moore's Light of Thy Countenance: adapted by Antony Johnston and Felipe Massafera (2009): Excellent comics adaptation of an Alan Moore short story actually works much better as a comic than as a short story. That may be because so much of the piece is visually oriented, dealing as it does with the history of television. But as this is a work of fiction, television itself is posited as a living god. Fascinating juxtapositions and wordplay abound. Highly recommended.

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics (1985/2003) by Alan Moore; illustrated by Jacen Burrows: Famous Alan Moore prose series on writing for, well, comics, got reprinted for the first time in 17 years with added illustrations and a new afterword/rebuttal by Moore. Even for non-writers, it's a fascinating glimpse into Alan Moore's process circa 1985, as well as a brief look into what he thinks of that process nearly 20 years later. Highly recommended.

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