Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dave Stieb vs. Roy Halladay: The Road to Victory

I'd actually forgotten how good Dave Stieb was over his first 12 years. Unfortunately, Year 13 brought the injuries that limited him to ten more wins for his entire career, so in a weird way Stieb, like Roy Halladay, pretty much left the Toronto Blue Jays after 12 seasons. Dig those crazy 80's complete-game numbers!

Dave Stieb's first 12 seasons with the Jays:

3.39 ERA
1.21 WHIP
1557 SO
2666.1 innings pitched
101 complete games

Roy Halladay's 12 seasons with the Jays:

3.43 ERA
1.198 WHIP
1495 SO
2046.2 innings pitched
49 complete games

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